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Frequently Asked Questions

•How soon should I call and book my appointment for my wedding gown/ formal dress?

We recommend calling two months in advance at least of your wedding or event to make sure we have room and time. Now, if there has been an emergency or a specific circumstance call and let us know, we will work with you!

•How much will it cost to get my wedding gown altered there?

That really depends. Right now, our average cost is $350. Now, this might be more or less depending on exactly what you need done.

•Should I come early for my appointment?

No! Typically the shop is very busy and we schedule our time around when we expect someone to come so we can work in between appointments. Try not to arrive early, but always call if you're going to be late!

•Can you add sleeves or anything custom to my dress?

Yes! Monica specializes in wedding gowns and can add or remove anything you would like from or to your dress! Simply let her know in your session.

•Can you custom make my dress or alter my mother's/grandmother's dress?

Yes! For customs make sure to call early in advance to Monica can consult with you on your wishes and have more than enough time to create it, and for a hand-me-down dress we can alter to fit you and take out any yellowing.

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